Things You Believe About Star Trek

Do you think the crew has got so many foreign gods and orgasm hormones?
As long as the individual beef was the result of some external force, there was trouble.
The crew, Roddenberry, will look the other way.
When he died in 1991, several Star Trek series began loosening the authors behind Reins.
Deep Space was full of internal conflict and an all-out war, and a group involved
Ex-terrorists allowed the main garment of the flyer to create conflicts
As dream.
As long as the discovery continued, crew members had embraced each other.

For a key character from a deceitful captain who leads a rebellion, the famous no-conflict rule.
Become a relic of the past, if it was ever followed to truly start.
Everyone knows that on the original series if you wore a red shirt, you were going Die.

Who Is Star Trek

The crew was always falling down from some deity-planet, where there would be an unforeseen risk
He is known for his murder by a helpless, no-name crimson-clown officer.
They were the Cannons of the Star Trek universe, just enough anonymous to make us
Feeling bad at the hands of aliens without their death really matters.
But would you be surprised to know that these Cardinal-Het Krumen was not really.

Are you likely to die?
Although it is true that redshirt represents 73% of total deaths
79 episodes of the series, some are surprisingly pop out when you start running the numbers.
There were 430 crew members in the enterprise, 239 out of which were wearing red clothes.
According to the research done by Signature Magazine, even if redsharts die beautiful
Often, when you look at the total population, it shows the fact that they are over
Half crew mean they will die statistically much less than their crew
In gold Their search?

What Star Trek Did

"During the three year run of Star, only 10% of the entire redshirt population was lost.
It is less than 13.4% of Goldshirts. "
So, if you want to make it through that five-year mission, think without thinking
Red numbers do not have a bad condition - especially if you make yourself busy
They are handing assignments to distant teams.
You want to make sure it turns blue.
Talk about uniform colors, any fan of the original series knows that the spock was worn
Blue, Scotty wore gold and Kirk sleeping gold.
Those colors are incredibly associated with their characters as much as those of Valkan Salute and Shatner of Spock.
Over-the-top acting

So sit down because it can come in the form of a shock.
Kirk's uniform, in fact, was more of lime green color.
It only turned into Commands Gold thanks to the quirks of film stock development.
If you do not believe our point of view, like the rest of the wardrobe, take a look at its rap-surround
"Trouble with Trouble" episodes, Tunic, or their dress uniforms in Season 1 episode
"court martial."
All green!
Obviously, many colors selected for the show were intended to promote the new RCA
Color television units including green uniforms.
It explains the bright, striking style of the series, even if some colors have failed.

Why Star Trek Is Famous

According to the expected exit
For decades, fans behind Trek and even some people have consistently believed on themselves
That Powell Chekov, which was spun with indecent accent, was made
An olive branch for the Soviet Union.
"Excuse me sir, can you take me to a naval base in Almeida?
This is where they keep atomic wessels. "
As is the legend, the idea of ​​introducing a new introduction to Gene Roaddenberry in the fall of 1966,
British invasion rock stars and Walter Koenig with artists like Hanky ​​Heartthrob.

Apparently the bill fit.
But in some cases, the word Roddenberry was found, which was the official Soviet newspaper, Praveida
Russia had criticized the show not to include a Russian character in its future vision,
And Jean jumped into the idea.
Chekov was born, and Roddenberry wrote a letter to the Minister of Cultural Affairs
In Moscow, apologize for not including him soon.
I wish they had never heard back, probably because the Praveeta has no such record
An article.
Actually, Star Trek was not available in Russia at that time, so whoever received it
Letter from an American television producer proudly enhances the combination of a young youth
Russian Heartthrob in their space show would have been confused beyond belief.

If a cultural catchphrase is Star Trek, then it is known for Captain Kirk
Ask everyone's favorite engineers to take away from anyone who is a salty vampire or lizard.
A quick "beam me, Scooby!" With the monster that week!
But in spite of the prominence of this phrase in Pop-culture and on T-shirt
And the button, Kirk did not really say it … nor anybody else.
Captain Kirk, of course, has said similar things many times throughout the series,
And in Star Trek IV: Travel Home, He

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