SSD Speed Test | Samsung 850 EVO - 2017

Cool products they engage in lots Community stuff and I mean they are cat
Even a major sponsor of my other channel But when it comes to confusing man.

Product naming plans

I think Core Core i3 Core i5 takes i7 Cake what i mean great question
Core i7 4790k What Cats Do All It also means that we will get it but
First about the background, why we The name of the product is needed for the processor. It just will not be easy to label , How many gigahertz they run with That's called it one day Actually simple type of time For example, when confusing too Pentium 4 launched an equally Pentium 3 was really fast Because it can work more with each I hope bicycle as a customer
Products with a number of more. Better one and the problem lies in it
Not all MHz and Gigahertz Create products with equal and rated. The way is about reading Car performance based on RPM The engine does not really run on it, How fast the actual signal Processor, but this happened
Now AMD's going to go away .

From the beginning of the 2000s With their PR or performance rating Naming plans where their processors are The four digit model number given People believe that was based on enthusiasm Performance and they felt that they Compared to an Intel CPU Speed ​​of that clock but it is not fixed
They were still naming indirectly.
According to the clock speed and it was not Until Intel presented the core series CPU line which is dramatically Much better performed than its predecessors. Fewer watches that battle megahertz Finished because Intel needed to move Away from their marketing frequency What we have today
Except too bare bones Pentium SKU. One Core i3 will be your most basic Options with two processing cores and Hyper Threading More about this feature. Here it will be for better multitasking There is a small cash it will consume less Power will usually perform a bad A core i5 But its cost will decrease, which leads us forward Core i5 I think I could say it was In simple form, there are two cores of core i3 And there are four corpses in the wives of grandchildren.

Product Functions

The number of the core is equal to n minus 1 where n That's me After a small eye but it is not mobile Core i5s have two cores and Hyper-Threading While Desktop. Mostly four cores and not Hyper-threading but what they have Generally onboard graphics are improved And turbo promotes more about this feature. Here for temporary performance Increase your system when needed Slightly more mmm and with oomph inside The mind Core i7s Number One is All Core i7s Hyper threading for heavy workload Number two is the noise that is in your mind As I am about to end my explanation.
Here a Core can be anywhere from i7 Two processing cores in an ultra-book All the way up to eight in a workstation It can support two from anywhere. Up to eight sticks to all kinds of memory And TDP can be anywhere All the way for about 10 watts one hundred And thirty watts is a ton Here's the diversity and it's for a reason Core i7 has a faster cache Turbo Boost and Better Onboard Graphics Compared to lower level processors and I Find the best summary other than It can represent a core i7
Intel may be the best thing to build, Use case with biggest drawback
When you get a high value tag Boil it down, all of which i- whatever Number represents good Within a segment beyond that They are very beautiful, Number and letters meaningless After the mean if something
You already use guides but The safest way to shop is to dig around Look at the arc and features core counts And CPU clock speed To find out how they are stacked.

Best To Buy or Not

The good news is that being done with a long time As you compare in a brand and Within the same product generation Matrix would really mean something The meaning of fractal design is back Buying all my ads Inventory for the sole purpose of creating I'm fucking stupid on camera for y'all Instead of talking about great Quality and clean scandinavian design
Their PC case power supply and Cold products ronzo i do not know who is mad.
This point because it was not you Post what they can do properly Sponsors listened to them Their Facebook page means I thank you very much Friends, I mean, thank you for that. Friends like i like video Leave it with comment accordingly Reviewed your vest as suggestions Possible and do not forget as always.

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