How to make earphone as microphone in pc

Today will be out how to define your recording device in a faces of once we come here you can say revise your headphone device is gone must be something like that so, we can be doing here today is fix that and I could recognise my mic this is the way. How you do it click here and right click here and click in this I can and make that any bow and that will make you see the right now you can see my Shankara is getting some signals right here and what are right click and strawberries and CO2 levels and its right now it's working on in my friends once I come here in first place.

I didn't have cycle running disabled automatically in my first come and right now which must be having like this when you come here right now and all you need do it just click one thing go and go back and take care OK Google general that you can click ok and I want to come here I didn't like my device. So because the speakers has the device inspiring stories and go back to letters and assistant, when I come in first place I didn't have the second enables David disable. so what I will do it just make them any work just like this to be just like this and all the things that I've done here in the USA and it's OK to go and press again OK Google.

How It Works

so right now you problem is a 102 old I am sure that I may be in sometime in some cases you see your device isn't recognising on, if we see and you say to text and one headphone said in here and that means you are you are recognised and also right now. so in this case only do it just go ahead and got the from days in windows x and Z all you need to make them in a war and go and make ok and then you go I hope you find this article is helpful.

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