How To Install in Java in Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10.

Even your microwave run java did Know that stupid fact is 80 John here.
Welcome back to another Article Today we are going to show you guys-
How to set something that is very, You suggest that there really is I think the other video has been tapped All this Java is now mostly beautiful Straight but I'm still going Show all to you and this is it I mean, why would you need it.

For example, Java is here You ever walk here in this scenario Well I'm downloading a version of Forge Download forging for a point eight minecraft is for just nine minutes And I want to move forward and run it
Just run it by right-clicking.
Here and this gives me this warning Here you can see the message that this is This application requires Java Runtime Environment is a point six point zero. The only reason why is it giving me This is because I am uninstalling Java.

So I can show you how it works And if I say it's okay Automatically take me to Java com and Show me this folder now if it's downloaded This does not take you even where it is The only website you want to download Java does not download from it.

Install in Java in Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10

Do not download, download it from Xena does not download it literally No other site other than Java See this link right here, that's it Java at least even if you go to love Checks if I remove the English Download the splash and just go to java com It still takes me to this link and I Just look at this big red download java or Download the Right Java Center-Right.

I'm going ahead of the screen and Click to take me to this agreement And start a section here free download And running version now 8.1 For one if this tells you to download The legacy version of Java is that one It is completely different and it will be If you have another video for another time.

Install JDK according to your computer supported bit

Let me know if people are interested In the comments section below But for now, this is what we are going to do Click to start agreeing is free download And it's just going to download Now downloading it in a dot
exe because it is downloading for windows If this is going to download for Mac There wil be a dot dmg file and it will run That's exactly why we are all right.

I'm going to click to go ahead I'm using Chrome because of my downloads
Pop up down here If you are not using chrome then quit Internet Explorer. You Can Just Open Your Finder or Your Explorer Window Here and you can go to yourself.
Download folder and all where it is If you do not, you should have downloads It has not changed where it is So here I got the Setup Java Setup 8.

You are one-on-one As it is right here I can go ahead And double click here
And this is taking me through and Install it is going to ask me you will Change the series for me in this way If I'm going to say yes, device
It's not really that you just have Permission is now set aside on you I am going through this area Get a welcome message and install Again it's really straightforward.

Install JRE and Set Path

Let's move forward and reduce these Windows is installed so we all see it
Java provides Java Blah blah We say go ahead and establish If you want to change your destination. I'm leaving the folder that's up to you Now leave it at this default destination It's going to talk to you again It should be very fast.
Now this is another question that java Ask you if you want to use Yahoo
I do not want yahoo as your homepage As my homepage I am going to do this. Not updated, my browser settings are down Recommended here by Yahoo! Do not know if Java is by Yahoo I or not Do not miss or Yahoo is owned or not Regardless of Java, if you do not use your Use Yahoo and you can go ahead and leave.

There i am going to say Update your browser settings then I Going to the next, but remember to If you do not do this then it's going to happen Switch your main search engine instead Google or whatever it is for
I do not even have Internet Explorer Looks like this is Bing, now it's something And right, I forgot it does not matterIt will replace it with Yahoo
I'm going to leave it on this setting Here I am going to say more It's going through a small process.

How To Check Java Is Installed Or Not

Here's a small addition to myself below More than 3 billion devices go and walk on it Very well in your microwave Run java do you know that stupid fact. Nonetheless, even this camera That we are recording on java Correct depending on your speed This computer will be faster either Slow down which is completely slow Your computer is okay you have successfully Java installed they closed And if they take me to Java com Page again and I can click on you Just your Java version is true.

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