How to download Windows 8.1 Free directly from Microsoft

Hello it's Nick with Nick's computer fix com and here's a video how
Download Directly Windows 8.1 Microsoft is free to start free and easy
Walk with opening an error. The browser is either from the Start Screen or I'm going to open your desktop.
The favorite Internet browser is to be Firefox from my desktop and once I
It's open I'm going out for myself What is the favorite search engine
Be Google and I'm going to type Download and hit the Windows 8.1 word
Enter the key and it will open Potential links you can click
And what we are interested in is First Windows 8 oh is Microsoft
And no, it does not say 8.1, but it does Say 8.1 in the description then proceed And click on it and it opens Microsoft Software Download Page and
The URL address is there.

So once downloaded the Windows 8.1 page

Open on your computer screen And scroll down and click on this button
Now download the tool and it will go ahead And open or really gives it to you Prompt really um and say you want To save your media creation tool
Computer and I am going to say yes saveFile and Firefox I can go here
And click on this download arrow and see My download progress and it does not take.

For a long time to download all this On seconds and I can click on Folder icon here and actually see where it is It was saved on my computer and I can Double click here, Folder and that media will start The construction equipment and the first signal I get Is a security warning that I want to run
This and I'm going to say yes I want Run it because it's completely safe
And it's directly from Microsoft and Then what This 10 will give me a user account Control what I want to control immediately.

Allow this program to make changes for me The computer and the answer is yes because I Go ahead and start installing Windows is not installed, but
Download of windows 8.1 on my computer Here and I get this signal which says.

Three Question Which generally Comes Regarding This

Answer to the three questions and the first one Is language and I'm going to click Here I am going to download Arrow and To go down and click on English which is United States and he works for me And the next question is which version. And I'm going to click on Windows 8.1 Pro Now your question is okay how am i?

Know what version I have It's easy to find out here to go down Start menu and right-click Windows 8.1 gets up and clicks on the system And which opens the system's information Windows 8.1 for Windows now let me know.
Here I am running Windows 8.1 Pro can be yours or the same Separate version and also system Type which is a 64-bit version I have set or you have set Which version of Windows 8.1 do you have You can select the correct version and This is also the right architecture In my case 64-bit and once you have done.

Go down here and click on Next I will get an option where I have to save
The installation file is the first one If I want to make a USB flash drive
It's bootable I can choose first Another is selected by default or I can choose another which is One i'm going to do that Download the ISO file to my computer.

Where can I make a disk image great or burn Once upon a DVD then I have it. Check out I'm going down here and Click Next and the next-next signal is
Obviously, I want to go ahead Save this iso file to my computer And I'm going to save it in the download Directory which is the default directory
And you can choose a different folder.
Directory if you want but I'm going Leave it as default and give it to
Separate name Besides windows it is okay and it goes ahead and The download starts and takes it.

Some time on speed and basis Showcase your laptop computer or The speed of your desktop computer too. How to go along with your internet provider.
Are on a busy Microsoft Download Server The time you are doing
May take up to several hours Download and be patient and sit back I'm not going to bore you here sitting With constant viewing of this download
Up to hours for the video editing magic.

I'm going to speed it up and go Once completed, the next step Download it and go ahead and check Download to make sure there was No corruption or interruption during Download process and of course Does not take much time It is relatively fast and once it is Preparing complete files Create ISO which starts making it Keep this file in mind for you now Completion will take several minutes Before you get the final information here The ISO file shows you a DVD The location of the ISO allows you to burn This moment is perfect DVD or you can Click Finish and burn it later and when You click on finish. You can go to that folder in In my case the ISO was in my case
Download folder.

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