How to Clean Your Laptop Best Tips For Cleaning Laptop:-

Get yourself one of 99.99 today to clean these dirty dirty
Mess on your laptop today we are going to clean up a couple
Laptops are going to show you how to clean a laptop not to show a couple
You clean every laptop that we are going to show you how to clean some
Laptops because when it comes down these things attract nonsense tone to dust.
Take it out and restart these things so that you can go Canned air alcohol should be more than 90% q-tips if you want They need them, but it is nondescript with the help of all surface cleaner coffee filters thermal
Paste cleansing brush is a little too great to achieve a big toothbrush
Cleaning the blades of the fan at smaller places and cleaning the big brush is very good.

Closed keyboard and of course your gun we are going to start with msi
Your laptop is not indicating that you want to see it To find out how to separate it online but we are just going to msi and Nowhere else can you follow with your own machine.
Just look out for a pair of ribbon cables and screws four screw things
Magnetic tray is horrible that we link in the description. You can buy one. They are only a couple. They are absolutely worth the ribbon cables keep a look at them when you are pulling the system apart from that you want to watch out . When you're taking it out and when you're restoring them a little bit
The levers on the top are really easy to snap and they are not replaceable, so be it
Be very careful with those people and make sure everyone gets back properly.
Where it was originally now that this part was hurrying but you are
Want to shoot this thing with the compressed air is not with
If you hold the fan before doing this because you are not going
There is nothing more painful than burning the bearings out and taking it there
The thing is that after putting it back together and changing the bearings
Do not use a vacuum instead of fans for this case that you do not use
On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner is not a suitable device for this brush brush.
This is the right tool for you to be quicker, just give it a couple of quick
Brush the easiest way to remove surface dust, which can not get air
Here we are going to make small dust bunnies to make us happy some good and
Get them in their new home. I do not have to stay in this house
Now you go to dust dust and you go on the small ducks running with happy dust
Dust is loose, air can get it. Now the next thing which we are going to do here is to draw these small sour-sweet panels, but it is going to be painful.
This is the only way to get into HeatSync, HeatSync and Fans
The same module are not going to do most laptops you are going to use it
The models they are going to be very simple are very easy to get fans
Just dump everything down and basically in it so that it's going
As we say it is a tough machine, the next machine is easy and not a single
I repeat that fans do not use it to clean the blade because what are you going to do
Are you going to paste this stuff into a Q-tip or brush or over there
Whatever you are going to start wiping it around and you turn on all the dust
Mud and it's going to stick, it sounds like crap and it's going
Throw the balance of your fan so that only air and soft brush
If there is no alcohol then we feel that fans have already been out of heatsinks
It's clear that they're doing everything well now the most out is
You are going to get it completely, you do not have enough
To work with these fans, lots of rooms are usually all that you are
Is going to get but you can still clean them if you have that it's okay
Why you have a long brush because you can learn it slowly
Just use the tip of the edge and just give it a little bit
The brushing speed is a little dust bunny but if you have the amount then again
This is your best option to work this way
Long brush still works great for this, just brush away from the fan's try and
If the blade is found in both sides, then we get both sides like there and just like
Keep the brush away and hold the fan firmly, so that you do not have complete pressure
You can see it's a little wobbly do not like wrench it down and then stab on it
Just for the light brush and the most part, which will remove most of the dust and you can get the rest with a small shot of air and this is what you are going to get
Down here you may have removed all the dust probably there was no dust
This problem was occasionally, it is a thermal paste which I will harden
The harder you need to isolate it and put a new paste on it which can be a little bit
There is a bit of difficulty to avoid being overwhelmed by the large-scale thermal splash
Paste all the place It's just the application of the factory you are going to
Make it again for our p

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