Create A Bootable Hiren’s Boot in Pen Drive

you now if you're a fan of hyerin's bootCD there has been an updated version released now this has not been updatedby the official owner I think this hasbeen updated by the fans that like hiruns boom CD so let's take a look at thewebsite and the page here so she can seeit's been added the they've added theWindows 10 PE x64 PE version to it sowe're going to take a look at it butfirst don't fin this one we're gonna betaking a look at how you can create yourown boo ball USB flash drive withhyerin's boo CD on it so first off youneed to go to the downloads page hereI know his links on here to show you howto USB boot in and also show you how toburn it and stuff like that so firstwe're gonna come down to here and we'regonna download the ISO you can see ithere so I'm just gonna hit the downloadon the file name here let I come downit's one point free gigabytes in size sothat will take a bit of time so bepatient and let that come down whilethat's downloading what I'm gonna do isdownload Rufus now Rufus is that allowus to create a bootable USB flash driveand all we need to do here is come downthe download section you can see thereis a portable version available here soI'm gonna hit that and download theportable version so we do have our ISOimage downloaded now and I'm gonna clickon open Rufus you can see here do youwant to layer Rufus to check for updatesand just say no here and there we haveour briefers so I'm gonna do here isjust quickly shrink this down and dragthe ISO onto my desktop like so and thiswill put the ISO on there you can leaveyou in a download section it's entirelyup to you I just want to get that ontothe desktop okayso moving back to the roofers part hereyou see we are in Rufus three point onepoint one three two zero portable andI've got my USB flash drive is a 32gigabyte USB flash drive and what goingto do here you can see boots bootselection here you can choose your bootselection I'm going to leave this as myso image also we need to select selectyou can see it's gone to the downloadsection here so I'm just going to selectthat there so it doesn't really matterclick on open here so here you can haveit set to GPT you can see this methodwill you see when you hover over hereyou'll see this method will be used tocreate partitions you can also changethis to MBR if you want to and this willobviously use by us or UEFI CSM on hereautomatically less selected there sowe've got arrow so we've got ourselected ISO done there we've got thelabel which is what it's going to becalled you've got NTFS on here as welland what we're going to do is leave thatas is and then click on start it willgive you a warning that it's going towipe the drive clean so if you've gotany data on that drive and you want tokeep it then now's the time to pushcancel and get that data off otherwiseit will be white gonna click ok and it'sgonna start to create our drive for usso let that go ahead and do its thingwe'll take a bit of time this softwareis pretty quick looks like he's justdone a bit of an update on this softwareand there we go that is now beingcompleted we can now close this off andwe can also go into here and we cancheck it out so you can see all thefiles are on the USB flash drive hereready to go and that's basically how youcan create a brand new bootable USBflash drivewith hyerin's boot CD updated version onthere and that's pretty much itso if you want to boot to this you'regonna need to change your boot order andto do that I'll show you that on thescreen right now on how to change theboot order now to get into your BIOS youneed to tap f1 f2 escape delete or f12and this will get you into your biasdepending on what bias you're using thenwe need to hit settings and then bootthis will give us the boot options forthat BIOS you can see here boot modeselected legacy + UEFI if it's on UEFIyou may want to change this to legacy tomake it easier to boot - and that's alot more easier to get to boot to a USBflash drive so get that selected thereoption 1 you can see USB hard disk I'vegot this set to my sound disc so I'vechanged the boot order to boot to mySanDisk is its first choice go into theadvanced options here this is a coupleof extra steps that I'd like to take youcan see USB configuration click that andgo into there you can see I've gotlegacy USB support has been enabled formy flash drives click on save theconfiguration by tapping f10 and saveand then you can exit out here andreboot ok that's pretty much it for thisvideo so I hope this one helps you ifyou want to see what the contents lookslike for the high res boot CD let meknow in a comment section below and I'llmake that video for you and we can gothrough and show you some of thefeatures that harness boot CD has and ifyou want to see some more Aran's boot CDstuff then let me know also in thecomment section on what you actuallywant to see and I'll do my best to makethose videos for you anyway have a greatweekend I will see you again for anothervideo real soon bye for now

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