5 ways To Shutdown Your Computer/Laptop

When I took a new laptop, I knew the only way to shut down my laptop, but today I know 4 to 5 methods of shutting down the computer laptop. If you are a new computer laptop user and know 1 or 2 methods of shutting down the computer, then this post is for you. In this post I am telling you five ways to shut down your computer and laptop. You know what are the five ways to stop c / l?

Computer Laptop Ko Shut Down

There is no such user who uses a computer, a laptop and does not know how to shut it down. Everyone knows to shut down their system but it may be that they know only 1 or 2 methods of closing it, so today in this post, I am telling about the 4-5 methods of shutting down my computer laptop. You can shut down your computer just like the way you like it.

Most users use the shutdown option given in the start menu to shut down their computer laptop but there are some more keywords shortcut to shut down the computer, so you can easily shut down your computer laptop if you can If you want to know, read this till last post.

All the methods described here in this post will work in windows 8 and 10. These methods are easy and we can shut down our computer laptop in just 2 or 3 clicks, so let us know about 5 ways to shut down the computer laptop.

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5 ways to Fast / Shut Down Computer / Laptop

It is very easy to shut down the computer, we can close our computer laptop in 2 clicks. I do not want to make this post bigger, so let's go quickly about those methods.

1. How to Shut Down Windows 8, 10 from Power Button on Start Screen?

The easiest way to shut down both computer laptops is if your system is working properly, you can easily shutdown your computer and laptop from the power button in the windows folder on the start screen.

Click on the windows option on the Start screen.

After going to Windows, click on the power icon or the power button.
After clicking on the Power button, click on Restart, Shut down and sleep on the 3 options.
Power Button Se C & L Shut Down
As soon as you click on the shutdown, you will be shut downing until your computer waits for a shutdown.

If you do not get the power button, then your computer is configured as a tablet device in Windows 8. The cookie tablet can accidentally have a tab on the power button so it will not have this option.Or you have not yet installed windows 8.1 update.

2. How to Shut Windows 8 from Settings Charms?

If you are using a touch screen interface, this is the easiest way to shut down the Windows 8 computer laptop but your keypad and mouse will also work on this tricks.

Open the browser and click on the right side above charms bar.

Note: - If you are using keywords, you can do it a little bit quicker by pressing the MIN + I key to start with 3 option.

Click on Settings charm.
Clicking on Setting will bring some more options, right click on the power button or icon.
Click on the Power button and click on the shutdown option.
Wait until you have clicked on Shut down until your computer laptop is shut down.

These are the personal way to shut down Windows 8, so that anyone can shutdown their system by clicking any 2 like this.

3. How to Shut Down Windows 8 10 by Alt Press F4 Key

To shut down Windows 8, alt + f4 is working from the beginning, so now we can easily shutdown our computer laptop.

If you have some programs open on the computer, then close them and come to the desktop. You can use this key button to shut down only on desktop.

Press Alt + F4 key simultaneously.
Click on Ok button in the shut down windows box.
Shut Down Karne Ka Tarika
There are some other options in this window. Right now if you want to shut down your computer, click on Ok and click on the shutdown option in this window to open those other options.

As soon as you click on the shutdown, there will come some options like switch user, sign out, sleep, shutdown and restart. If you wish you can see the screenshot below.

Shut Down Ke Kuch Or Options
From here you also sign out and if you want to restart your windows, then you can do whatever you want from here.

In this way, we can easily shut down our computer laptop by alt + f4 keywords shortcut.

4. How to Shut Down Windows 8 from the Sign-in Screen?

This method is a bit different to shut down the computer laptop. If you want to shutdown your computer in this way

You have to start your computer again or you can lock your system with keyboard shortcuts by pressing the WIN + L key on your computer.

Click on the power button icon at the bottom of the screen.
Click on the small popup to shut down.
After clicking on Shut down, wait until your computer is completely shut down.

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