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Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Yes I am a woman, I am a cruel child, I am shameless ...

 I don't even know how to sit
 How much do you like to sit with torn legs?
 You object to my laughter
 And you abuse your mother in front of your mother
 I'm hot
 Yes i am a woman

 Less salt in food, taunt for a whole week
 If you go, bring vegetables from the market
 If you are a man, then raise your hands on me every day
 Will you be able to create this universe without me?
 I am menstruating for your emancipation
 Yes I am a woman, I am a cruel child, I am shameless ..

 You know your right on everything
 Tell me a relationship that you like to follow?
 It is common for you to rape and throw
 I have an emotion that binds the whole family
 I'm harder than you and soft inside
 Yes i am a woman
 I see you every day
 Yes i am a woman

 This time may change but mother's love will not change
 You put lakhs of restrictions but these women will not slip
 Now you see this era will come like this
 Will not regret it, I will regret after thinking
 I am the new religion of equality, new religion
 Yes i am a woman

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Dodiya rajbha dada

* Dodia Kulbhushan Rajab Dada *

         Even after being beheaded, you fought for a moment.  The place where he was trapped was at that time, whose stone was black, so grandfather
 * Also known as "grandfather with caretaker" *.

        Apart from this, many of the Rajabha grandfathers are also the epitome of the sun and the might.  Which gave them survival.

        Even today, those who are knowledgeable get out of there, so they can go with a lot of faith.  Then it's any description.

        Even today, the grandfather gives him a pamphlet if he gets annoyed by the strange night or any unknown route of the day.  And there are examples that help.

       It is also reported by the elders that Jamal Sahib also rewarded him with cash prize at the time of the harassment of the notorious robber of a notorious robber of that time.

       When the robber suddenly made a gift to the Rajabha, the grandfather had shown him the might of his sun, without losing a single-handed weapon with his handiwork.

       When it came out of the Raj Darbar, it was discovered that this was the same robber who had a cash prize.  Jam Sahib summoned Rajabha with his father to the court and demanded that Rajabha leave his home and return to the service of a lifelong state on the condition that the Raja's father should not miss his seven generations.  Rajab Dada's answer came before his father still spoke
 "I agree that I'm the son of a farmer."

     There are many papers that can be heard from the elders.  Today, the seventh generation of Rajya Dada lives in the shadows.  There are many things that can be seen in some grandfather's shoes, such as his sword, sword, sticks, sticks and mattresses….

 * Jay Rajabha Dada *

 Saraswati Ganapati could, you say, apara!
 Dude like Josh Dodia, Manohar Singh Mazara !!
 Citadel Laho Agjeet, Crete Ten Des Kahi!
 Weeding there, Deepa Nahar Virdai !!
 Poor Sujal Chadhan read, Nek Virad Khatan is new!
 Dargah Rana Bhad Dodia, one slaughtered !!
 Large parts of Manhorse, Nahar Bhima Nares!
 Where is Raj Kanwari, Banbandha Vices !!
 Part tied Indrabhan Row, Thatiyo Banaval Than!
 Born cotton yarn, irritating heat!
 "Dhar Gujjar Walo Dhani, Solanki Sidharao!
 Baniyo Bondo Banathali, Kahiya Sujas Kahwa !!
 Deg Teg Bhad Dodia, Banka World famous!
 A. Anami Apnavia, Rao Dhani Gujarat !!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Learn about bees

About the bees

When the bee travels over one lakh kilometers and goes on millions of flowers, honey is collected at 500 grams.

The bee hinges are about 11,000 times in a century and fly at speeds of 22 kilometers per hour.

Bees have six legs and four wings.

Bees are believed to have existed on Earth almost a million years ago.

Once the bees go out to take a beating, almost 100 flowers take a rattle and come into the hive.

Beekeeping indicates the direction of the flower in the other bees.

Female labor bees live 6 to 8 weeks.

There is a queen bee in the honeybeat, but there is no other work than just putting around 2500 eggs per day.

Bees bite are a few toxic. The use of honey as well as the poison in the server is called apiotherapy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How to Use Google Pay for Booking Trains Tickets

Google's UPI installment application, Google Pay (past Tez application), enables clients to send and get cash, make taxi installment and the sky is the limit from there. The inquiry goliath as of late tied up with Indian Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), to encourage train appointments on its site. Clients will most likely hunt and peruse prepares just as book or drop tickets with their IRCTC accounts legitimately from Google Pay.

Considering how to go about it, here's our well ordered guide for you.

Prior to beginning with the means, recall that clients need an IRCTC record to book the train tickets. Additionally, that tickets can be reserved to four months ahead of time.


Most recent variant of Google Pay application

Google Pay must be arranged on the cell phone

In the event that you haven't introduced the application and arranged it, here's the means by which to do it.

  1. Open Google Pay application on the cell phone and tap on Trains choice under the Business area of the application.

Presently tap on the choice 'Book a train ticket'

  • Clients need to enter their movement data which incorporates birthplace, goal and date of movement

Hit the hunt catch and let the application look through all the accessible trains on that specific course

  • Search for the train for which you need to book the ticket from the rundown and tap on the choice 'Check Availability'

Locate an accessible class and tap the 'Select' catch situated before the given class.

  • Presently, as referenced above, clients need to enter their IRCTC client ID and booking subtleties which incorporate Passenger's name, age, and nationality

Clients can likewise include more travelers by tapping 'Include traveler' alternative.

  • Presently, enter your contact data and hit the 'Proceed' catch from the base of the screen

Confirm all the data shared and tap on the 'Proceed' catch to make the installment by means of connected financial balance. On the off chance that there's some slip-up or you need to change any of the subtleties, hit the 'Alter trip' catch.

  • While making the installment, the application will divert clients to the IRCTC site, where they have to enter the IRCTC secret key and CAPTCHA. Tap on Submit catch to affirm the booking.

Clients can tap the ticket on the gadget, hit the Download ticket option.rticleshow/68524614.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst

SSD Speed Test | Samsung 850 EVO - 2017

Cool products they engage in lots Community stuff and I mean they are cat
Even a major sponsor of my other channel But when it comes to confusing man.

Product naming plans

I think Core Core i3 Core i5 takes i7 Cake what i mean great question
Core i7 4790k What Cats Do All It also means that we will get it but
First about the background, why we The name of the product is needed for the processor. It just will not be easy to label , How many gigahertz they run with That's called it one day Actually simple type of time For example, when confusing too Pentium 4 launched an equally Pentium 3 was really fast Because it can work more with each I hope bicycle as a customer
Products with a number of more. Better one and the problem lies in it
Not all MHz and Gigahertz Create products with equal and rated. The way is about reading Car performance based on RPM The engine does not really run on it, How fast the actual signal Processor, but this happened
Now AMD's going to go away .

From the beginning of the 2000s With their PR or performance rating Naming plans where their processors are The four digit model number given People believe that was based on enthusiasm Performance and they felt that they Compared to an Intel CPU Speed ​​of that clock but it is not fixed
They were still naming indirectly.
According to the clock speed and it was not Until Intel presented the core series CPU line which is dramatically Much better performed than its predecessors. Fewer watches that battle megahertz Finished because Intel needed to move Away from their marketing frequency What we have today
Except too bare bones Pentium SKU. One Core i3 will be your most basic Options with two processing cores and Hyper Threading More about this feature. Here it will be for better multitasking There is a small cash it will consume less Power will usually perform a bad A core i5 But its cost will decrease, which leads us forward Core i5 I think I could say it was In simple form, there are two cores of core i3 And there are four corpses in the wives of grandchildren.

Product Functions

The number of the core is equal to n minus 1 where n That's me After a small eye but it is not mobile Core i5s have two cores and Hyper-Threading While Desktop. Mostly four cores and not Hyper-threading but what they have Generally onboard graphics are improved And turbo promotes more about this feature. Here for temporary performance Increase your system when needed Slightly more mmm and with oomph inside The mind Core i7s Number One is All Core i7s Hyper threading for heavy workload Number two is the noise that is in your mind As I am about to end my explanation.
Here a Core can be anywhere from i7 Two processing cores in an ultra-book All the way up to eight in a workstation It can support two from anywhere. Up to eight sticks to all kinds of memory And TDP can be anywhere All the way for about 10 watts one hundred And thirty watts is a ton Here's the diversity and it's for a reason Core i7 has a faster cache Turbo Boost and Better Onboard Graphics Compared to lower level processors and I Find the best summary other than It can represent a core i7
Intel may be the best thing to build, Use case with biggest drawback
When you get a high value tag Boil it down, all of which i- whatever Number represents good Within a segment beyond that They are very beautiful, Number and letters meaningless After the mean if something
You already use guides but The safest way to shop is to dig around Look at the arc and features core counts And CPU clock speed To find out how they are stacked.

Best To Buy or Not

The good news is that being done with a long time As you compare in a brand and Within the same product generation Matrix would really mean something The meaning of fractal design is back Buying all my ads Inventory for the sole purpose of creating I'm fucking stupid on camera for y'all Instead of talking about great Quality and clean scandinavian design
Their PC case power supply and Cold products ronzo i do not know who is mad.
This point because it was not you Post what they can do properly Sponsors listened to them Their Facebook page means I thank you very much Friends, I mean, thank you for that. Friends like i like video Leave it with comment accordingly Reviewed your vest as suggestions Possible and do not forget as always.

What is Hard Disk Drive and Secondary Disk Drive

okay here's what you need to know about hard drives in a nutshell these large drives on the left these are desktop drives these are laptop drives with an adapter. you can use a laptop drive in a desktop to make it fit and in fact new desktops are being built with smaller trays or Bay's. So that you can install one of these smaller hard drives in it, now explain that in just a minute but we're currently still through a transition where some people with older computer shave the older style hard drives and people with newer computers have the newer style hard drives now these this is the old style this is a new style this is the old style.

This is the new style and this is the real new style but what I'm referring to is the interface and when it comes to old and new the ones here are the old one sand all three of these are what we consider.

The new ones with regards to the interface if you look at the back of this hard drive where it would plug in this has what's called an IDE interface and that's where it's got this large ribbon cable that plugs in here and then large power cable plugs in here and on the equivalent laptop drive that's IDE it's got a bunch of these pins right along here and typically it's one large connector that contains both power and data.

Why Hard Disk Drive and Secondary Disk Drive

That plugs into that it's actually pretty easy to bend those pins although they're pretty easy to bend back too much wiggling in the pin will break off and the drive will probably bone good so if you are dealing with shard drive that's IDE that has a large ribbon cable going to it, then it's probably time to buy a new computer don't worry about replacing the hard drive that's my advice that said let's get these out of the way because these this technology was what was used uphill about I want to say five year sago after about after about five year sago everything started switching to the new connector which is called SATA or SATA and it's a much different looking connector.

it's got the power connector goes on here I'm sorry power connector goes on here data connector goes on here sometimes. it can even be one connector it's most often to you've seen it in my build article one for power one for data and these things here you don't touch that's for the factory and what's interesting when they made this new adapter, or this new interface rather no adapter was necessary you'll see.

this is the laptop equivalent this is a laptop drive and it's got the exact same connectors in the exact same spacing you see, if I line these up just like that you'll see that the connectors line up perfectly so that way you don't have to have any adapters when you're putting into a smaller device it also helps when you want to pull a hard drive from the machine and put it into like a USB dock that you're using the same connector Used to have to need one connector.

Usage Of Hard Disk Drive and Secondary Disk Drive

For these drives in a different connector for these drives anytime I wanted to hook it up to USB and then power was different separate situation altogether so what's this drive you ask this drives a solid-state drive, now what's the difference between them well these are mechanical hard drives in fact of course these are mechanical hard drives we're gonna get rid of those we're done with those. Now actually I'm not done let me bring that bring this one back let's put that one over there put that one over there because internally regardless of the interface they're the same internally. these two it's just a smaller version of what's inside so this is what you would find inside of your hard drive, now if you open your hard drive up and you expose it to the elements.

you've pretty much ruined it so I don't advise you to open up a hard drive unless you know for a fact there's no data on it the drive is dead or you don't care about the data on it and you want the experience of taking one of these bad boys apart and seeing it for yourself but keep in mind when you put it back together it's probably not gonna work and, if it does work it's probably not going to work for very long it's very important that the the surfaces here remained free of contaminants contaminants so small you can't see them with your eyes and microscopic contaminants will ruin these drives so it's amazing these work at all quite frankly and because the way.

Where Why Hard Disk Drive and Secondary Disk Drive Is used

They work is this spins right like a record and then this head moves back and forth like a needle and that's the sound you're hearing when you'rehearing your drive making that racket when you're doing something like I don't know a defray or something like that and so this one I can tell this one's bad it sounds horrible a solid-state drive dislike a flash drive now if we take solid-state drive and open it up what's interesting is there's a piece of plastic here and it only exists to make the case bigger the solid-state drive is actually too small.

so they had to make it bigger to fit into to replace laptop drive. so this right here is the case right we can get rid of that thesis the actual solid-state drive you'll see it's got the same SATA or Interface here but notice there's no moving part snow with the new 3d v-band technology on Samsung Evo 850 series they're saying the lifespan of these drives could be up to a thousand years and currently with the previous generation the 840 Samsung drives that that I read the article on and I'll put links to the articles in the video notes below they said.

How Hard Disk Drive and Secondary Disk Drive Works

It should last somewhere around years under heavy usage, or something along those lines or yeah it'll be in the article but regardless this is the drive and again it's just a flash drive, but it's very very fast infarct in general. this type of drive will be three to five times faster than this drive mechanical drive either in these and the capacity of this will be about one third the capacity of one of these drives for the same price actually for quite a bit more right.

Now you can get mechanical drive like oops a mechanistically these started around $50 and the USB drives let's say $50 for 250 gig sand a 250 gig solid-state drive runabout 150 dollars right in that range. so the prices come down but this is the way to go anytime you can because it's much more reliable it's much faster you never never ever fragment solid-state memory this is called a solid-state drive because it's there's no moving parts it's in a solid state you understand this has moving parts so these are mechanical drives normal mechanical HDDs or hard disk drives this is an SSD or solid-state drive and when we put it back and it's in its case here.

which it just kind of I'll just slaps back together you see how it makes it bigger makes it thicker and by doing that if Actually rotate everything in the right direction when we put this back together you'll see that it resembles the same size and shape as our desktop as our laptop drive I got to get all the rightwards out as our laptop drive right.


Here let's say I probably have other factors okay so here's our laptop drive that's mechanical or our HDD here's our SSD and look they're about the same thickness same size same length same width in that way you can replace your drive if you have one of these in your laptop wit hone of these and what this will do is give you much more reliability it's gonna use less battery power and requires less power to run which could increase the battery life on your laptop and it'll read three to five times faster than whatever you have in your laptop.

Now so even if you're not having problem with your laptop hard drive but you want to increase the speed of your laptop if your laptop has a Sat Abased hard drive then you can replace it with a SATA based SSD it's that easy that's how you know if it's compatible the other hand if your laptop has a hard drive like this it's obsolete in time to replace the laptop so that's a little bit on hard drives 101 now one last thing is why do you have a hard drive for the reason you have a hard drive is that when you turn your computer off it forgets everything you know.

if you've ever been working on something and you've lost power while you were working on it you've lost that document or that whatever it was you're working on because it didn't get saved to the hard drive the hard drive holds on to all the data well the system is off when you turn the system on it doesn't know anything it has to be reprogrammed every time.


so that's what we call loading bandit loads the operating system that most of us use Windows some version of Windows, and then within Windows we have our programs and within our programs. we have our data we always talk about backing up data because we can always reinstall programs, but we can't recreate data and data recovery can be very expensive now I'll have some videos on data recovery basic data recovery coming up soon or in the future I don't know how soon it's gonna be but they're coming up and you can replace even on your desktop.

if you have a mechanical Drive like this you can replace it with solid-state drive and if your case there if your computer case doesn't haves spot to install this you can buy an adapter that will make it fit this size also they were making solid-state drives for desktops and other all it is is the same little tiny circuit board right here they just put in a bigger case that's all it is there's your SATA connectors they're all the same that's all it is all it has to do is making the system faster more.

How to make earphone as microphone in pc

Today will be out how to define your recording device in a faces of once we come here you can say revise your headphone device is gone must be something like that so, we can be doing here today is fix that and I could recognise my mic this is the way. How you do it click here and right click here and click in this I can and make that any bow and that will make you see the right now you can see my Shankara is getting some signals right here and what are right click and strawberries and CO2 levels and its right now it's working on in my friends once I come here in first place.

I didn't have cycle running disabled automatically in my first come and right now which must be having like this when you come here right now and all you need do it just click one thing go and go back and take care OK Google general that you can click ok and I want to come here I didn't like my device. So because the speakers has the device inspiring stories and go back to letters and assistant, when I come in first place I didn't have the second enables David disable. so what I will do it just make them any work just like this to be just like this and all the things that I've done here in the USA and it's OK to go and press again OK Google.

How It Works

so right now you problem is a 102 old I am sure that I may be in sometime in some cases you see your device isn't recognising on, if we see and you say to text and one headphone said in here and that means you are you are recognised and also right now. so in this case only do it just go ahead and got the from days in windows x and Z all you need to make them in a war and go and make ok and then you go I hope you find this article is helpful.